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Aim: to develop the ability to express opinions in formal English.

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    22 February 2023, 3:00-5:30 PM
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    Certificates issued
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    Learning in a small group online
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    Application in practice
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    Group of competencies - Group 1
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    Level B training programme
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Short description. This seminar is intended for independent users of English who wish to develop their English communication skills, particularly expressing opinions in formal situations. Participants broaden their knowledge about general practices of expressing an opinion in formal English and practice expressing their opinions in both written and spoken forms.


Topic 1. Fact versus opinion

Topic 2. Phrases for introducing an opinion

Topic 3. Supporting your opinion and clarifying your viewpoint

Developed skills. Participants are able to distinguish between facts and opinions and communicate their opinions in spoken and written forms in formal English.

Target group. VMU academic and non-academic personnel

 Duration. 3 academic hours.

 PlaceThe course will be held online.

 Professional development practices by groups of competencies. Group 1 - general (foreign languages, intercultural communication, and cooperation, management, etc.).

 The direction of professional development practices. Level B training program (experienced) - for those wishing to develop and/or acquire new competencies or to maintain existing qualifications.


Lecturer at the VMU Institute of Foreign Languages and the Faculty of Humanities

Doctoral student at the University of Turku, Finland

Member of the IFL Research Cluster "Research in Plurilingual Competence Development" 

Member of the Scientific Committee of the "Sustainable Multilingualism" Conference

Reviewer at the scientific journal "Sustainable Multilingualism"

Organizer of various lectures and seminars for VMU staff and other communities

Over ten years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language