Vytautas Magnus University

Aim. This short course aims to reveal differences in argumentation style in Lithuanian and Anglo-American traditions while applying the newly learned principles in practice (B1-C1 learners).

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    November 16, 2PM-4.15PM
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    Online learning
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    Consolidation of knowledge
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    Only for VMU academic and non-academic staff
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    Group of competencies - Group 1
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    Level B training programme (experienced)
Mokymosi struktūra

Short description. During this short course, the students will be introduced to the different argumentation styles and implications for Lithuanian speakers. The students will further apply the strategies learned in practical argumentative tasks. Students will read a short article for support and argue with one another to enhance argumentation skills in English.


Lecture: Argumentation traditions and differences.

Reading: Analyzing argumentation style in provided short readings.

Argumentation: practice argumentation based on the readings and personal experience.

 Developed skills. Critical thinking (argumentation) & Language skills (speaking).

 Target group. VMU academic and non-academic staff. 

 Duration. 3 academic hours.

 PlaceLecture and theory - online; practical part - in the classroom.

 Professional development practices by groups of competencies. Group 1 - general (foreign languages, intercultural communication, and cooperation, management, etc.).

 The direction of professional development practices. Level B training programme (experienced) - for those wishing to develop and/or acquire new competencies or to maintain existing qualifications. 


English language lecturer with special interest on enhancing critical thinking and plurilingual competencies

Special interest in innovative teaching styles with technologies

Over 20 years of teaching experience at Roosevelt University, USA and 3 years at VMU

A member of TESOL and LKPA

Organizer of many seminars at VMU


It was a very useful class.

A professional lecturer and a very interesting topic.